Episode 52. Building Confidence with Micro Goals

November 9, 2023

I'm ashlie!

Former corporate climber and serial dieter turned social media influencer, six figure earning life coach, seven figure earning health coach, wife and mama. 


The number one way to build self confidence, is to follow through on the commitments you make to yourself.

The thing is, we generally make BIG commitments, like:
I’m going to start this workout program and not miss a day, its 60 minutes a day for 60 days. I’m doing my diet for real this time. No more sugar, carbs, junk food, alcohol, etc. I am going to build this side hustle into something great so that I can leave my full time job Etc. Etc.

But, then, when things get hard, because it is too much pressure or too much of a departure from your normal life, you give up. And, when you give up consistently over time, you hemorrhage trust with yourself. You learn that you can’t count on you. You learn that you are ok with disappointing yourself, as long as you’re not disappointing others.

In todays episode I walk you through how to start building that trust back… with micro goals. Things that don’t require a TON from you, but require just enough to build that mind management and stay committed to your goal. Things that, as you do them, you learn you actually CAN do hard things, just not all at once.

Join me as I share how you can set micro goals to build your self confidence, and set yourself up for that massive goal you have on your vision board.

I'm Ashlie

I'm Ashlie

a champagne drinking, f-bomb dropping, beauty product loving, crude sense of humor spewing, self-love encouraging, wife and mom, obsessed with helping women find confidence in themselves and their bodies every single day.

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